Junk Mail CEO, Felix Erken, speaks on SCIX African Trade Talks

Junk Mail CEO, Felix Erken, speaks on SCIX African Trade Talks

Felix Erken’s Interview on SCIX African Trade Talks:

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, a lot of businesses were hit hard financially and Junk Mail is no different, but through the leadership and preparedness of Felix Erken (Junk Mail CEO), the Junk Mail Marketplaces have managed to not only survive but strive towards a better future.

Felix Erken has been a pioneer in the digital space since 1997, where he has been running leading online marketplaces in South Africa, for South Africa.

What started as a print business in 1992, is now a leading digital business. In 2015, 30% of revenue was generated through online and in January 2020, 80% of the revenue was through online.

Felix has also acquired two other digital companies, one being a Web Development Company that is responsible for building and maintaining the Junk Mail Marketplaces websites and a Digital Marketing Agency whose core objective is to assists businesses in creating a successful online presence and marketing ecosystem by writing fully comprehensive digital marketing strategies and handling the execution thereof.

The acquisition of these businesses is just one extra step Felix has taken to secure the future of the Junk Mail Marketplaces.

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