Auto Mart attends the 2019 AutosBuzz Conference

Auto Mart attends the 2019 AutosBuzz Conference

We recently had the great opportunity to attend the AutosBuzz Conference from 16 to 18 September in London, UK. Norah McKenzie, Auto Mart Sales Manager, had the privilege to present our award-winning ATC products. Felix Erken (CEO) and Francois Labuschagne (Growth Hacking Manager) also attended the conference. Other speakers at the conference ranged from CEOs to technology experts.

Junk Mail Publishing Staff At The 2019 AutosBuzz Conference
Left: Norah McKenzie, Auto Mart Sales Manager. Middle: Francois Labuschagne, Growth Hacking Manager. Right: Felix Erken, Junk Mail Publishing CEO.

This was Norah’s feedback about the conference:

“AutosBuzz was extremely informative and exciting. It was amazing to see platforms similar to Auto Mart showcasing what they do. I was so proud that Auto Mart is just as good, if not better than the sites that were presented.

We are up to date with what the digital world is doing and got some fantastic ideas we can use here.

The presentation I did was about our award-winning ATC products and it caught a lot of attention.”

More about AutosBuzz:

AutosBuzz is the world’s first conference dedicated to innovations in automotive advertising and technology. AutosBuzz provides executives and top leaders in the automotive sector with the opportunity to network while looking at the latest trends impacting the industry and discovering new technology.

Topics covered during the event:

– Global trends
– Disruption and new business
– Smart use of data and technology
– Business models and pricing
– Transactional marketplaces
– Changing consumer preferences
– Cool new technology
– Start-ups worth watching
– Investing in automotive sites
– Data as a business driver
– Future of transportation marketplaces

We got some new and exciting ideas from the AutosBuzz Conference that we will not only implement on Auto Mart, but on all our other sites as well.

We are looking forward to more innovative solutions and industry updates at the next conference.

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